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Waves lapping against the shores, balmy breeze coming off the sea, sweep of sand tickling the feet, historical stone carvings on the side, big blue sky above the heads, doing yoga with international gurus, all the eternal experiences come together during yoga World festival.

 Yoga World Festival is first of its kind happening in South India which will be bringing out unexplored Tamil cultural heritage established and preached by various Siddhars and Saints including Thirumoolar for healthy Body, Mind and Soul.

We will be having special emphasis on Thirumoolar yogic practices based on Thirumanthiram and other literature which will show case Tamil yogic culture to the yoga world.

The 5 days festival comprises of three parts:

1. Yoga Classes from morning 4:30am to night 9:30pm. Participants can attend Unlimited Yoga Classes, Satsang and Evening Culturals.

2. Scholar Paper presentation: We invite yoga scholars across the globe to present their research papers that will be published as a book and given to all participants and send to universities across India and other countries.

3. Ancient Detox Techniques: We are also introducing ancient Detox techniques like Plantain Leaf Bath and Mud Bath with Shatkriyas and Raw Diet /Vegan for limited participants.

Other details
Accommodation & Travel
Yoga World Festival is conducted on the shores of Bay of Bengal, in TTDC Resort, Mahabalipuram. Specially redesigned with multitude yoga style in mind to ensure relaxing and rejuvenate festival that throws open doors to the unbelievable & amazing view of the waves lapping against the shore. The venue is well connected to International Airport, Major Railway Stations and State Capital.

What do you get from festival
* Feel whole new transformation from within inside
* Present your yoga research papers the scholar program to get published
* Learn how yoga aligns your Aura, Energy flow, Astrology ,Chakras and five elements
* Learn to become stronger through Yogasadhana and live blessed with Love, Eternity & Peace
* Explore 18 Siddhars and their contributions towards Yoga
* Make new yoga friends and meet like-minded yogis across the globe
* Learn and find new yoga teachers and authentic gurus to explore different lineage of yoga schools  
* Learn new variations in postures with their therapeutical benefits
* Spiritual discourses by reversed saints/spiritual leaders/scholars from India and Abroad
* Close to 100 yoga classes in five days from  4:30am to 9:00pm
* More than 50 different styles of yoga classes over 40 International yogacharayas or presenters
* Detox your body with Mudras, Shatkriyas, Plantain Leaf Bath, Sand Bath and Raw Diet
* Learn and buy latest yoga fashion wear, props and books in our stalls